Catchafire program surpasses $1.6 million in value

Investing in measurable impact is a core value of Social Venture Partners. This is why we fund programs like Catchafire that enable nonprofits to do more, and to increase their skill levels. As of today, nonprofits across the region have received $1,663,749 in value from pro-bono professionals who volunteer their time on the Catchafire portal. This is thanks to a collaborative of … Read More

SVPSA Partner Insists on Finding Solutions

In Judaism there is a tenet called repairing the world. That principle has been a guiding force in the life of Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, a Bexar County associate judge and SVP Partner.  

“That’s something I carry with me, that I’m repairing the world in little bits and pieces wherever I go,” she said.

Scharf-Zeldes’ life is a testament to that goal. It not only drives her professionally, but also fuels her commitment to community service. She’s served on nonprofit boards, provided leadership in her faith community and has served as an SVP Partner for the last four years.