Catchafire program surpasses $1.6 million in value

Investing in measurable impact is a core value of Social Venture Partners. This is why we fund programs like Catchafire that enable nonprofits to do more, and to increase their skill levels. As of today, nonprofits across the region have received $1,663,749 in value from pro-bono professionals who volunteer their time on the Catchafire portal. This is thanks to a collaborative of … Read More

Advancing and engaging people with disabilities

Melanie Cawthon was working with people with intellectual disabilities when she discovered her calling. She saw that while many organizations exist to help people with specific disabilities, a person or their caregiver dealing with multiple disabilities would need to find three, four or more different agencies to get assistance. The city needed a unified community of service providers. That insight … Read More

A life of faith, community and service

For SVPSA Partner and Board Member Ed Pope, the concept of helping others is woven into everything he does. It’s part of the reason he founded his technology company, DigitalGenetix, which not only helps nonprofits and churches with their digital needs, but also helps support Pope’s charitable giving.