Fellowship for Nonprofit Leaders


“SVP has been an absolutely amazing experience. It’s grown my confidence in so many different ways.” - 2022 Fellowship participant

Social Venture Partners San Antonio's Fellowship applications are available in June of every year. Please check back to this site, or sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications.

Skill Building

SVPSA's Fellowship was developed to strengthen nonprofit executive level leaders to round out their skills. The 7 month program, that is held September - March of each year includes 6 full day sessions (we do not meet in December) with dozens of experts from all areas to share their experience and tools for success. Topics include:

  1. Leadership, developing your mission and vision
  2. Board development, roles and responsibilities
  3. Human Resources, managing teams
  4. Financial strategy, tools and policies
  5. Nonprofit technology and resources
  6. Marketing, PR and community relations
  7. Fundraising



During the Fellowship, we always measure and evaluate the success of each session. To see the results of our Impact Report from the most recent Fellowship, Click Here>>>


  • More innovation, collaboration and partnering
  • Inspired leaders, who have renewed energy for their mission
  • New practical skills, equipped to share their expertise, utilizing today’s most effective business tools, so they can do more.

"I feel like I have a whole new support system that I never knew existed. It really has been wonderful and keeps me sane in a world that I'm struggling in right now."


Meet the Alumni and Presenters

Fellowship Goals

SVPSA Fellows have shown measured improvement in skills, knowledge and confidence. After each session, we evaluate the speakers and the content and our graduates reveal they have gained in their technical expertise and knowledge in 10 areas, including governance best practices, marketing strategy, engagement with donors, understanding communications styles, managing finances, creating evaluation systems, fundraising, strategic planning, understanding HR and better understand technology issues.