Partner Highlight: Beth Scantland Woolfolk

Beth Woolfolk

Beth Scantland Woolfolk is an SVPSA Board Member and founding partner and has been a critical guiding force for the organization since it launched in San Antonio in 2016. Her diverse background and experience as a philanthropist and entrepreneur, in addition to her work running the charitable arm of DOCUmation, have been instrumental in the growth of SVP and the nonprofits it supports.

DOCUmation is a family-owned business founded by Beth’s father Lou Scantland 30 years ago. Today, it is under third-generation leadership, Beth’s oldest sons Preston and Hunter who serve as Co-Presidents. Around 2016, when Beth assumed management of the company’s charitable giving, she was drawn to SVP because of the insight and exposure it would give into local nonprofits and issues.

“I thought it would be a good way to learn about nonprofits and their needs,” said Woolfolk. “Until then, I was just about writing checks, not really checking into how the nonprofits were using their resources. It’s been really eye opening and helps me with my job.”

Beth said going through the fellowship with the nonprofits was incredibly helpful because of the variety of speakers and topics. It is also helpful to see how each of the nonprofits approached the fellowship and their level of dedication and receptiveness to what was offered.

“DOCUmation is just a super good fit with SVP. We feel like you get blessed and you give back. So, as we tithe off money and give it back to the community, I get to see now through SVP more charities that we want to help, and maybe some that we don’t want to help right now. We get so many requests with the foundation. SVP helps me do it more efficiently.”

Catchafire, which SVPSA launched in San Antonio in 2020, is just another example of the innovative ways SVP has found to support nonprofits. The online volunteer tool has saved 36 local and regional nonprofits more than $350,000 in services donated by 85 volunteers. Those volunteers gave more than 1,600 hours of time to help with things like marketing, social media strategy and content, human resources, accounting and fundraising.

“Catchafire was incredible and that’s been something I’ve been really excited about to see how people have been helped by that,” said Woolfolk. “As everyone was sitting around in 2020, SVP was first to bring that to San Antonio. The nonprofits that are using it are getting so much value. It’s just going to continue going to new levels as it catches on and more people get involved with it.”

Beth said the most impressive thing about SVP is how wise they are with their money. These are strategic, business-minded people who are offering skills development training to nonprofits, and with those skills they are going to take their work to a new level.

“I’ve had several friends who’ve started nonprofits, but that’s not always the best way to help,” said Woolfolk. “It’s really important to partner with others and to share and pool resources. I’ve learned that by being on the board. I’ve just fallen in love with everyone in SVP. These people have good, kind hearts and want to help San Antonio and our community. They are also really wise with how they go about it and how they spend their money. It’s about the capacity building and everyone putting their time, talent and treasures together.”