Becky Dinnin, Executive Director

Becky manages our team of program and administrative professionals. She also utilizes her 30+ years of nonprofit experience to help nonprofits build sustainable business models.

Nisi Bennett, Digital Strategy

Nisi provides the Social Media presence and strategy for SVPSA. As an entrepreneur, her experience is invaluable to our work. She also applies her decades of experience to help the nonprofit network to grow and thrive.

Lora Idol

Lora is SVPSA's Administrative Assistant and coordinates many of the meetings. She manages the Executive Director's calendar and assists with logistics on all our programs.

Aseneth French

Aseneth serves as our data specialist and works on our CRM system to keep information up to date and clean. She also works with other team members on program setup.

Karen Gardner

Karen writes and edits our newsletter each month. She also puts together the impact stories you read online.

Debi Pfitzenmaier

Debi is our Catchafire Program Manager and works with the nonprofits to help them utilize the program effectively. She also leads Catchafire training and prepares our Catchafire Impact Reports.