Fellowship Members and Alumni

Sept 14 Fellowship Group

Class 3 - September 2022

  • Hamilton Barton, Pay it Forward San Antonio
  • Terri Behling, Haven for Hope
  • Melanie Cawthon, disABILITYsa
  • Brandi Coleman, Lemonade Circle
  • Gable Crowder, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas
  • Annie Erickson, Endeavors
  • Dalia Flores Contreras, City Education Partners
  • Tia Gibson, Monster Moms
  • Carrie Kimbell, First Tee Greater San Antonio
  • Sarah Kory, Christian Assistance Ministry
  • Adriana McKinnon, Youth Center of Texas 
  • Cory McRae, Alamo City Arts
  • Nader Mehdawi, Culturingua
  • Shannon Perry, Hemisfair Conservancy
  • Natasha Rangel, The S.A.V.E. Women Foundation
  • Kimberly Sama, UP Partnership
  • Gay Lynn Schwenk, SAMMinistries

Class 2 - Started in 2021

  • Angelica Cervantes, Providence Place
  • Christina Martinez, Dee Howard Foundation
  • Cynthia "CJ" Van Green, NAMI San Antonio
  • Emma Alexander, True Vine Elevation Academy
  • Jasmin Dean, Celebrate Dyslexia
  • Mary Flannigan, Project Rio Texas
  • Michele Hoskins, Masters Leadership Program San Antonio
  • Miranda Cushman, Voices for Children
  • Monica Romero, SAMMinistries
  • Nadia Mavrakis, Culturingua
  • Robert Salcido, Jr., The Pride Center
  • Sarah Woolsey, The Impact Guild
  • Stephanie Gargiulo, City Year
  • Tiffany Grant, UP Partnership
  • Tiffany Jones-Smith, Texas Kidney Foundation
  • Tracie Edmond, CAVALRY
Fellowship 2019

Class 1 - Started in 2019

  • Holly Barton, The Science Mill
  • Ambika Dani, Promesa Academy
  • Lisa Cortez Walden, Inspire Fine Art Center
  • Tim Drolet, The Basketball Embassy
  • Inga Cotton, SA Charter Moms
  • Valerie Finley, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Jill Cullinan, Project Brave
  • Keisha Laughy Garcia, Triple H Equitherapy
  • Verlyn Maldonado, American Sunrise
  • Fuji Walker, San Antonio Healthcare Collaborative
  • Sandra Morales, House of Neighborly Service
  • Michael Pursley, Life Skills for Living
  • Amir Samandi, Students of Service


SVPSA Partner Presenters 

  • Alec Miller, Data and Impact
  • Arlene Siller, Grant Writing
  • Barbara Scharf-Zeldez, Community and Board Leadership
  • Becky Dinnin, PR, Event Planning and Communications
  • Billy Cox, Technology and Cybersecurity
  • Bill Neely, IT and Software Development
  • Dan Rebmann, Board Leadership and Investments
  • Devin Brown, Innovation and thinking like an Entrepreneur
  • Erika Prosper Nirenberg, Leadership, Data and Measuring Imact
  • Garrett Brown, Communications and Marketing
  • Harriet Helmle, Fundraising and Community Relations
  • Jamie Kowalski, Community Relations and Event Planning
  • Jason Massiatte, Leadership and Community
  • Jeannie Frazier, Financial Management, Controls and Policies
  • Johnette Lee, Board Development, HR and Fundraising
  • Justin Pawl, Investment Strategy
  • Leslie Palmer, Management and Fund Raising
  • Lisa Friel, Financial management, Board roles and responsibilities
  • Rebecca White, Strategy and Building a Sustainable Business

More are added each year!